Friday, March 04, 2011

Maybelline Spring 2011 Makeup - All about Soft Shimmering Pastels

For people who are tired of the red lips,here is a little break.
The Maybelline spring 2011 makeup collection features new and limited edition Color Sensational Pearl lipsticks, lip glosses. The eyeshadow trio, nail color, mascara and mousse blush all seem like items taken from their permanent line up (which is very typical of Maybelline limited editions).
The actual limited edition eyeshadow palettes managed to bore me again. (I actually have never/really want to try out their eyeshadow but I have yet too seen a color combo that's interesting.) 
 Lash Stiletto mascara - another "limited edition" range taken from their permanent line up.
For the nail part of Maybelline spring 2011 (which kind of looks like a deja-vu of last year's Sweet Thing at first glance)are all pastel with pearly sheen. They aren't normally my thing (you know I just prefer brights over soft tones) but I like how it goes with the all-white trend it's going on, which is very soft and dreamy.


  1. the nailpolish looks fun ! :D

  2. I quite like the polishes too, I'll be on the lookout for those! x

  3. I wish they come out with new eye palette, oh well~

  4. Oh my gosh... I love these colors. I don't normally buy this brand but there's something about pastels that just calls to me!

  5. Gah, pearly sheen though... I wish they were cremes. :-P


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