Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liplicious Passion Fruit Guava Lip Gloss

Liplicious (from Bath and Body Works) Tasty Lip Color in passion fruit guava was added to their line-up spring of 2010.The gloss retails for 7.5 dollars but the whole lip product collection is usually on a buy-2-get-1 deal so it's around the same price range as other drugstore brands.
Passion fruit Guava is a pinkish coral with golden shimmer, the sweet-tasting gloss has a medium texture being neither watery nor sticky.It's slightly tacky and runny yet it's neither pigmented nor long-lasting.
Most Liplicious glosses are known for their yummy scents instead of finish/pigmentation so I don't have that much complain. When you think of it, it's like most people purchase from Bath and Body works is because of their variety of nice-smelling products, not necessarily because of their high performance.

Liplicious with Max Factor lipstick in Sweet Tart (a matte candy coral) - if the brand weren't pulled out in US back in 2009, this lipstick would totally kick Maybelline's butt and become my favorite lip color from drugstore.

Overall:It's yet another nothing special lip gloss.If you have a lot of coral lipsticks, this would work nicely as a layering piece as it adds shine without washing the color down.


  1. I love this gloss - it's pretty pigmented on my lips (kind of bright, actually). It's a shame the color doesn't show up on you. =/ It's a very pretty color.

  2. lovely.. from where can i get dis .. m staying in new delhi .. india

    1. You can get this at Bath and Body Works (I am not sure if they ships oversea) any possibly on eBay.

  3. lovely... from where can i get dis shade i really liked it.. m stayaing in new delhi India.



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