Sunday, March 20, 2011

Link and Pixie's Enchanted Crafts - Fun Accessories from a Funky Couple

A few days ago I show you guys the hand made leather flower pendant fron the couple Link (who makes all the interesting leather pieces) and Pixie (the wife, who does funky crochet hats).Here are more interesting items from the store.
Plum blossom brief case
Journals and sketch books with hand bound leather
More journals and sketch books
little purse (love that buckle!)
Ginko leaf with flower pendant

Another leather leaf pendant

These cute crochet hats made by Pixie were what initally attracted me, I still think they are incredibly cute (just not pratically for the Texan weather, which by the way is already around 80 degrees these days...)
I want the one at the right
Smiley faced beanies

While they don't have a website(they are working on it!) just yet, you can always stop by their facebook page to check out more pictures (or maybe give them a little push about the website).

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