Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go Back to the Fuchsia with Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia (in the old Salon formula that was revamped early 2010)is a hot pink with silver pearls and slight blue sheen.The formula is quite good but the drying time was horrible. It has been quite a while since I last wore anything like this (I have been very into sheer red and corals) so it's nice to refresh a little.
I don't have any picture of fuchsia taken but here are some peach blossoms, I think these will do. Speaking of hot pink, the new lipstick from Covergirl has a rather youthful (ie. not too plummy nor deep) fuchsia called Enchantress, I might give it a try if it's ever cheap enough.


  1. This fuchsia looks nice against your skin tone. In MAC, what shade are you?

  2. Canadianpetite:
    It's around NW20 (it's also on the sidebar, just FYI).


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