Friday, March 18, 2011

Anna Sui Glitter Eye Color Stick in 200

Here is another product I have gotten over a year ago (I think I got it at the end of 2009) but never have a chance to take proper picture and review.
Anna Sui Glitter Eye Color stick, a cream eyeshadow stick in a rose bud shaped tube, was first released as one of the three limited cream shadows for their spring 2008 collection and later added to the permanent line along with 2 new shades. The shade I have, 200, is a medium lilac with golden and purple glitters. The glitter size is rather big so it kind of scratches the delicate skin around eye areas.
Anna Sui Glitter Eye Color Stick, in short, is rather awkward, while the color look intense and dimensional with a few layers (but who just puts on a few layers of glittery cream shadow on her eyes anyway), the medium lilac starts to lose intensity the moment you blend it and becomes sort of a semi sheer plummy purple with a few glitter hanging there(just think bruise with an oily cast). It's also impossible to layer it with powder eyeshadow: with a power shadow op top, it just look like my eyes are covered with tiny bumps(the glitter bits), if the powder eyeshadow is used as a base, the cream shadow will just glue away anything beneath as it's applied.
The eyeshadow was horrible but I guess the purple flower(violet? I am not sure what it is) makes the post a little more interesting?

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  1. I love how the purple sparkles. What a pretty color!


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