Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ueno Juri for Shiseido Haku and other Spring 2011 Stuff

After a year of absence from Shiseido, one of my favorite actresses Ueno Juri (who was one of the spoke models for Shiseido Maquillage)comes back as the spoke person for Shiseido Haku, their skincare brand focusing on whitening.
Urgh...what the heck is she wearing?
 Anyway, here is the commercial. All I can made out was something like "self rescuing" and the birth of a new products something like that...Since the post would be somewhat bland with just a picture and video, here are also some collections I like from this spring:

Li Min Jung for  Skinfood skin care product, something with grape extract. I like how they didn't over-photoshop her skin to a degree that it becomes pasty but then I think she could use a little less almost looks kind of oily to me.
Anna Sui will be releasing a lipstick/mascara collection Dolly Girl Fantasy that's inspired by Russian stacking doll matryoshka,and each dolly (from left to right) is named Sasha, Vlada and Natasha. So far Vlada is my favorite but they probably won't be available in US.
 Dior Addict (is it an re-release?) be Iconic lipstick - I am totally digging the finish of this lipstick. Guess Kate Moss is doing fine without Rimmel, hun?

Anyway, do you like anything this season so far? I have seen that OCC lip tar is now carried at All Cosmetics Wholesale (who doesn't charge that high of a shipping)so I am thinking about getting a red (yeah, as if I don't have enough red lip products already) one or maybe try out those products from Lipstick Queen.Decision, decision...


  1. Ueno Juri is so pretty! It's nice to see her as the spokesmodel for Haku.

  2. I'm thinking of getting some stuff from All Cosmetics Wholesale too, good to know the shipping isn't extortionate. x

  3. I only like the blue doll, the other two look angry to me :-/.
    But shade-wise, I hate the blue one & like the yellow one.

  4. Kuri:
    I like her look (old and new ones) a lot too. Her resume and look is perfect for shiseido.

    I think they do it base on weight (one item would cost around 2-3 dollars to ship then they add around a dollar for each additional one), I am not sure if they do flat rate or not. Well, it's at least better than the shipping rate from OCC.

    If I were to pick the packaging, I would go for blue as well, since the color combo reminds me of Chinese porcelain.

  5. I've been debating buying some lip tars. I like the idea of buying a few tubes and getting to Frankenstein your own custom colors. Plus you only need a tiny amount so they should last you a long time. i need to streamline my drawers of makeup. :p

  6. C:
    The main reason I am interested in those are actually just the colors (and the fact that I like shimmer-free lip products and squeegee tube)themselves, mixing would be way too much effort for me, I much prefer picking up random one from my pile then just wear it.


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