Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring into the Ancient Palace

No, I am not doing an imperial-themed makeup look (that would take a lot of research, which I will be too lazying doing). Palace, with a tag line of "jade lock for the heart" (bad translation but I haven't seen anything official yet) is a very popular novel-turns-drama in China, about a story of a 21th century girl Luo Qing-Chuan time traveled back to Qing (aka Manchu) Dynasty, the time when nine princes were fighting for the throne...

Why I don't care much for the story (many said it was historically incorrect beyond belief, to a degree it's even funny), the actresses, costume and makeup (well, they are not incredibly dramatic though) are simply stunning...
Twenty-four-year-old actress Yang Mi plays the main girl. I think she is pretend to be sick with the fake rashes...anyway, don't you like how intricate the embroidery is? And how the hair pieces match her turquoise top with yellow lining?
The casual wear for the out-of-pallace errands. The fabrics (looks like comfy linen)is less flashy but it still looks rather well-made. The enamel bead (cloisonne) earrings (these beads are fairly easy to find in bead shops in China) and vintage (looking?) silver hair pins.
Tong Liya (who is not the main character on the show but I like her the best) as the concubine of the emperor-to-be. Love how they match her outfit with lilac eyeshadow and cool-pink lips. 

Lu Jiarong (her name literally means pretty face!), also named Kelsey, plays a random palace maid. The name of the maid is Feicui( which means jadeite) and beside the deep green outfit, the stylist actually give her vintage Qing Dynasty jadeite chips (no they are not that expensive, consider the size, color...) for her dangling earrings. 
Xu Qiwen (whose English name is Amber) plays the first wife of the Emperor-to-be, who got her man through political marriage. Again, love the clothes (this is an out-of-palace outfit) and the enameled pieces...I also spot something quite modern...the double eyelid tape (lol).

Anyway, whoever the head-stylist is, he or she did a wonderful job. Consider for a show like this you can't just go to Prada,Chanel, Louboutin to sponsor you...


  1. OMG I just finished this drama! Tong Liya is so beautiful and a fairly good actress. I wonder why she never gets a leading role. I really liked their makeup and outfits too. Nothing too crazy with just enough elegance.

  2. Fluffy:
    Haha, I don't watch that much Chinese drama so I don't know what is Liya's popularity over there,but I do think she is one of the prettiest younger actresses right now. It's a shame that they put those light frosty blue-pink on her (so far) in the show though, totally washes her out...


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