Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is in the Air (and on your face!)

Happy (early) Valentine's day everyone! Here is a collection of blog posts I found interesting for the day in case you need some last minute inspiration.
 Wish everybody is with their love ones, like this pair of ducks (picture is mine)

A simple, sweet smokey look - Katy
Nars Tainted Love Collection - Arora
OCC Lip Tar is NSFW (but the post is) - Pink Sith
(Off topic) A purse inside your purse - Aggie
Your love one doesn't have to be human - (It's not creepy)
Romatic Lilac Cheeks with...eyeshadow! - Anemone

 Speaking of lilac cheeks, I saw this L'Oreal e-mail(you have to sign up to print their coupon) and thought the lilac lip and blue-pink cheeks combo quite pretty...wouldn't it be so cool if some drugstore brand would come up with lilac blushes (so far I have only seen Shu Uemura and Majorlica Majorca, both of them over 20 bucks) and ...get rid of the frost in that lilac lipstick?


  1. that l'oreal look is lovely! i have a lilac lipstick from lancome, but it doesn't quite suit my skin tone, I think. maybe I should try it with blue-pink cheeks.

  2. thanks for the update. :D

    I really like that L'Oreal picture of Doutzen, although I am not a fan of L'Oreal. I could never wear that kind of lipstick she is wearing,(too frosty and pink) but it looks good on pouty and perfectly puckered girls like her. Her blush looks romantic, colourwise.

  3. I read Arora's blog occasionally too! Her skill is good, she tends to use the same technique but with different colours, but it's miles better than anything I attempt, so can't bitch too much about it, lol. However I think it is against the EU law to practice as a make up artist without a license in the U.K. so dunno how she does it. But good for her I guess

  4. Sami Bear:
    I am actually not sure what does EU have to do with matters like "makeup artist in UK with or without a license" ... since it's a political and economic organization.

  5. EU is not just a political or economic organisation, it also covers stuff like health and safety, for example, all EU countries banned smoking in public in 2008. All occupations are guided by the health and safety law in the UK, I know that most work place you need to renew you health and safety license every 2 years under the work act 1974 Cosmetics are no doubt guided by that, we are living in Nanny State Britain after all. I'm not a make up artist so I'm not too sure abut these things, but my friend who's a qualified beautician said that one cannot call oneself a professional make up artist without some form of qualification.


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