Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Essence Black and White Limited Edtion Collection

The past Essence makeup collection was gone pretty quickly (before I even got a chance to try their eyeshadow) but they swiftly released another one called Black and White which includes (kajal-looking) duo eyeliner, nail polish, top coat (that gives a pearly sheen but they call it "holo") , nail strips, lip colors (!) , nail file, false eyelashes and eyeshadow. 
The two eye shadows from the collection has rather nice/soft texture. The black is something I would call a satin matte, shimmer-free but malleable. It was not easy transferring the color from my fingertip to the back of my hand but it might get better with a sponge or brush. The white is a typical shimmering one, not pasty or chalky.
I like the packaging of their false eyelashes but the one on the right totally reminds me of mold...I guess it nice for a dolly look?
Speaking of weird falsies, have you seen these sets i-lash?  I am not an apple fan(they are more fore those media/artsy types of people) but these lashes looks like they are of very poor quality...why would people what to get these anyway? For that eye-shaped layout?

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