Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wet n Wild MegaLash Clinical Mascara and Serum

Happy New Year everybody! The great thing about new year is that the drugstores are always filled with new collections and old ones that went on clearance! Let's take a look at what the budget brands have to offer this year! 
Wet n Wild Megalash Clinical mascara and Serum is another drugstore brand that's doing the whole lash growth thing (so I guess the L'Oreal one sold well last year?)and unlike their competitors, the Wet n Wild combo is actually quite cheap.


  1. I'll keep an eye out for the WnW serum in Canada. I've tried the L'Oreal serum & it did nothing for me. Yet I'm still willing to try other brands..

  2. Ashley:
    Have you tried using olive oil (I personally use tsubaki/camellia oil but I reckon olive oil is cheaper and easier to get a hold of) mixed with a night cream? I think it works reasonably well for me.

  3. have you tried this before? i just bought it, it was cheep so i just got it. i dont know if its good because cheap?

  4. Alana:
    I haven't tried this as I just saw the display out today(I don't think I would though, since I am usually just not into lash-lengthening products...) Anyway, I usually wait for a BOGO sale to buy drugstore product anyway so there would be minimal regret.

  5. I love this stuff! I was using the expensive Tarte brand stuff and this stuff works just as good, if not better, and it is super cheap! $8 for stronger, fuller lashes? Sign me up!

  6. I spotted this Wet and Wild Serum in the local drugstore. I thought wow $8 for a lash serum. Tried it and the stuff dialated my eyes. Looked on the back for into to call company. No contact information. Said made in China. After this scare. I am going to be super careful what I buy.

  7. This stuff really does work. I am a crossdressing man and I'm not (often) interested in using mascara. It stings in your eye a wee bit, so the challenge is to perfect your application technique. Vanity knows no pain....?
    Anyway my lashes are definitely longer after 2X a day for a month.
    Even my lower lashes seem longer. Since as I am 55, my lashes are losing their natural colour so I'll have to try some mascara to see for sure what I think will be very noticable growth. This serum does not alter yur lash colour.
    You ladies should definitely spend the $7 and also buy a tube for you man as an intro to a better world of makeup etc.

    1. I have bought it later and it did totally worked for me (but given the sting, I mainly used it on my eyebrows). Now I think it's a great lash enhancement for people who don't like mascara... ladies and/or gents.


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