Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sally Hansen Vitamin Lip Moisturizer and Insta Dri French Manicure

Another new release to kick off 2011, we have seen plenty of awesome releases back in 2010 and it seems that companies are trying to outdone their accomplishments!
Is it just me or these Sally Hansen Vita A-B-C-D Lip Moisturizer (lip balms with a packaging that looks like a knock-off of Shu Uemura Rouge unlimited) look totally adorable? And they are fruit scented too! I think I will try peach and tangerine first.
In comparison to the lip balms, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Fast drying French manicure looks less interesting to me(I mean, I thought things like these are as French as French fries...and I am not even into macarons, which is not really related to the topic.)I mean, I like the insta-dry formula and I am sure some would find this kit handy.


  1. Will you judge me if I'm interested with the polishes? Lol..its a no brainer color combination for me! :)

    Happy New Year dear!

  2. Nikki:
    Of course not, I am sure you can do some crazy nail design even with these no-brainer shades!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. I find the polishes kinda boring to be honest but the lip balms are very cute!

    Happy New Year!


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