Saturday, January 01, 2011

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara is two sided mascara, one is lengthening another is volumizing. I am still not a fan of how Zooey Deschanel looks in the poster(Rimmel folks really need to take it easy with the photoshop...Zooey looks so much better elsewhere!)...but at least I am glad that they didn't fade her signature raven hair into blond locks...

A poster for the Glam Eyes eyeshadow quad (and trio) for Rimmel's new eye color release.I am not sure who is Alejandra Ramos Munos but I think she looks gorgeous here (and I am not really feeling for the eyeshadow)...


  1. I saw the new Rimmel eye shadows and the new packaging earlier in September at a Walmart but never saw it any where else until now! But I'm glad because Walmart never has any good deals on makeup unlike other drugstores. Not a fan of Rimmel eye shadows either but I'm liking the new design!

  2. Lily:
    Yeah, I saw those palette in Walmart in a regular display ( a week ago) and it seems that they have been there for quite a while already. Anyway, I don't usually like shopping for makeup at Wal-mart since their prices is not really competitive.


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