Friday, January 14, 2011

Party All Night with Essence Eyeshadow

Essence Sparkle Effect Eyeshadow in Party All Night (with Madame de Pompadour as background. I know, Marie Antoinette is a more well-known party animal, I can't find her picture in any printed material in my household so you just have to deal with it) is a gorgeous metallic brownish silver taupe eyeshadow from their range of eyeshadow singles.
On the pan, Essence Party All Night is intensely metallic/shimmering and quite interesting to look at. The level of brown-grey balance also changes depend on the angle where the light hit. Brighter lighting gives it more of a silvery look while in-door lighting makes it appear warmer. I was expecting more of a metallic vintage silver (how I perceived it when I picked it up, where there was artificial lighting shooting right onto it) so I wasn't that thrilled about the brownish shade it appears.And yes,the shadow is only metallic at the top most layer.
Essence Party All Night swatched right next to L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duo  in Electrified. Essence contains noticeably more brown and is somewhat thinner terms of texture(not as creamy/metallic/malleable) compared to L'Oreal Electriefied.  The effect it creates also becomes more natural and wearable (a bit of a yawn to be truthful).

Overall: Not enough impact for an all-night party.


  1. I guess that's more an everyday shade than a party one lol. I loved how it looked in the first picture and it is a shame that it looks so brown in real life. It is nice but nothing special.

  2. the packaging, the presentation is wonderful! But I think there are a couple of dupes for the shades right? :)


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