Monday, January 17, 2011

Nivea a Kiss of Shine Red Glossy Lip Care

Nivea lip care (which is called labello in Europe)has been popular for quite a few years before it was released in US around 2 years ago. I remember I love one of their rose tinted lip balm stick back in middle school although it smelled like Play-doh. Anyway, I just like the idea of lip balm from a brand known for their body/skin care range. It just seems really...wholesome.
Nivea A Kiss of Shine Red Glossy Lip Care is a moisturizing lip treatment and sheer red gloss in one. I decided to give it a go as the price is pretty affordable (around 3 dollars) and the little tube looks handy (easy to squeeze) and adorable.
The gloss has a gel-like non sticky texture, light (but the color shows better than many sheer red glosses I have) pigmentation, there is also a bit of tiny shimmer in the gloss but the particle is so fine/thin that it doesn't really show.

Overall: I like the subtle shine, color and comfortable wear it gives but I wish the red is more blue-toned (orange red can look funny on me).Anyway, I still like it a lot just as a lip balm them.

P.S. I so miss Nivea toner, I wish they would bring it back.

P.P.S. Have you ever heard of lip balm from Dove? Don't they look totally cool?


  1. Thank you for this blog, Citrine. I am a Sims 3 CC creator, and I've been using your lips for some of my lipglosses. You have also inspired me to start looking into using lipgloss myself :)

  2. Shyne:
    I am glad that you find my swatches helpful (although I am not familiar with any video game myself) :)

  3. I own the clear pearlescent pink version! This is really pretty! I appreciate this that it comes in Non-sticky formulation!

  4. where can I buy more? Can't find it in US stores :(


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