Sunday, January 02, 2011

Maybelline Super Stay 24 HR lip color and New Eyeshadow Quad


  1. The shades for the eyeshadow quads are actually they changed the shape and size of the pans :( I actually do not like the new pans and they've been popping up slowly amongst the regular displays at my local drugstores. They give you a huge pan of the browbone color and two teeny sizes for the lid and crease. This makes NO sense to me so I think I will have to complete my collection of these shadows before the old ones phase out :(

  2. AngelicBetrayal:
    I am guessing the "brow bone" shade is meant to be used allover and the darker ones on top of that (so they show better) so they thought people would need more of the lighter shade. Anyway, it doesn't affect me that much since I usually prefer eyeshadow single anyway.


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