Monday, January 10, 2011

LA Splash Love Notes Glitter Nail Art Polish

Are you ready for Valentine's day? (Just so you know, LA splash is there whenever you are ready).
LA Splash Love Notes features several (heart-shaped!) glitter nail polish (as well as decorative loose glitter, which is hidden by the back of the display) in red, pink, coral, fushcia and white. There is one for every girly girl out there.


  1. These seem interesting curious abot thelooose heart stuff. I wonder if they have them at my drugstore.

  2. Oh, yeah, definitely gonna have to get me some heart nailpolish!! Thanks for showcasing it!

    I also love this brand's colored mascaras. Very pigmented, bold colors!

  3. I just bought the LOL and Fashinia ones and love them now going back to get them all LOL their awesome


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