Monday, January 03, 2011

CoverGirl Queen Collection Lipcolor Natural Luxe Gloss Balm

Lip products is always my favorite part of a makeup collection and it seems that CoverGirl has many interesting ranges to offer.
CoverGirl Queen Collection features 24 shades of glossy (looks like it from the poster) and pigmented (I assume most collection inspired by girls with deeper skin tones work that way) lipstick with a metallic packaging. I though the brass colored tube actually reminds me of that of Lunasol.
Anyway, I think the first shade I want to try out would be a coral one (the name is hidden).
CoverGirl Natural Luxe gloss balm(not a fan of the packgaing here) seems to have more of a youthful shade selection.Is it just me or the "Coral" totally looks orange?

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