Friday, December 10, 2010

Lancome Juicy Tubes Smoothie Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss in Moulin Rose

Over the years, I have tried lip glosses from quite a few brands and collections, I have been pickier and pickier on my choices.After many trial-and-errors, Lancome Juicy Tube is one of the line I kept going back to.
The reason is quite simple: They (well, most of them) are smooth, long-lasting, nicely scented and feels very comfortable (some would find the formula thick but at least it's not tacky or gooey) . The best part is that there is a generous amount of product in each tube so the unit price is actually very reasonable (Dior used to have that humongous tube but they reduced the size by 50% back in 2008)compared to all the high-end glosses out there. Since I ran out the other tubes I had, I picked up Moulin Rose (a medium pink, rose scented gloss with tiny flecks that are barely noticeable.)
Lancome Juicy Tube Ultra Moulin Rose on Lips
Lancome Moulin Rose with Rimmel lipstick in Coral Shimmer

 P.S. I thought the texture and scent from Juicy Tube are either hit or miss, some of the shades wear and smell absolutely wonderful (Kiwi Slice, Lemon Sugar, Orange or other fruit scented one)  while other are either overwhelmingly sweet and/or have a thick/sticky texture (like sun bronze, daiquiri,coral rush, honey violet). Now I usually just buy the translucent, jelly-like shades and avoid opaque, shimmery ones.

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