Wednesday, November 17, 2010

L'Oreal Colour Juice Lip Gloss in Berry Burst

Here is another clearance product I got earlier (ahem, back in January) this year. Speaking of which, I believe that those 75% off clearance on L'Oreal products are going on again in CVS and if you combine the sale along with coupons from the official site L'Oreal, you will be able to get many great product for 1-2 dollars a piece, which is how much I paid for my Colour Juice lip glosses.
Now back to topic: L'Oreal Colour Juice sheer color lip gloss in Berry Burst (I am guessing it's supposed to similar to Lancome Juicy Tube in Berry Bold, which it self is also a sheer gloss in pink) is a sheer pink gloss with very subtle, so subtle that it's practically invisible, shimmer. Unlike the previous Colour Juice I have reviewed, Berry Burst is rather sheer that it's really nothing more than a clear gloss. Texture wise, this is also quite thick and sticky (but not as long-lasting and Juicy Tubes) , I am not saying that it's a bad product though. For 2 dollars, this is something nice to have when all you want is just a bit of a shine and a fruity scent.Berry Burst with Cover Girl lipstick in Coral Shine - Did I mention that I love using clear gloss as a base for lipstick?


  1. :O Your lips are so pink and pretty. Are you lips naturally pale? I have a hard time wearing sheer cherry reds and berry colours because they always end up looking too dark on my pigmented lips and I have thick lips to boot so it just looks strange

  2. thick and sticky? Sorry..skip for me! :) I have to admit, it looks super pretty on your lips!

  3. Gloria:
    Thanks! Anyway, I wouldn't say my lips are pale (they are slightly on the more pigmented side if you are just talking about redness) at normal temperature (when it's too cold my whole skin turns purple - -) but I am kind of glad that there isn't any brown or actual pigmentation (like the red is just caused by the thin layer of epidermis something like that, not by actual pigments) on my lips so anything red can be still counted as "natural" lip color for me.

    From my experience, if you have thicker lips and want something red and glossy, you can try glosses with a softer jelly/watery shine (I think glosses from Anna Sui and Paul & Joe both have texture like that and those formula is rather flattering for thicker lips (not to mention Asian brand usually steer away from being overly bright/pigmented) .

  4. That looks lovely on you. But I agree with Nikki, if it's thick and sticky, I'd pass too.

  5. This L'Oreal line of glosses reminds me of high school 'cause I kept seeing them in magazine ads back then.

    & I shall have to try lipstick over gloss - never thought of doing that and I'm curious about it now ;).

  6. Cris:
    You should totally try it, especially when you have those too-sheer-to-show glosses, they makes a wonderful base for lipstick that aren't very smooth.

  7. These are my fave and have them in every color. This one is sheer though. I have not seen them o BOGO for a long time...

  8. I think I have this lipgloss, I should start using it again :) It looks beautiful on you :)



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