Friday, October 29, 2010

Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup

One new drugstore makeup display:
Revlon Photoready Compact Makeup (available in six shades) is now released, as a 2011 sneak preview.
I also spotted some cute Betsey Johnson (I post about them a few months back but it seems that they added new ones) earrings from the Nordstorm Racks, I really wanted the owl-in-hoop ones but they gotta look funny with my round face...


  1. I am intrigued. I kind of want the foundation for days I am short on time.

  2. hmm sneak preview? I think we've had this in Canada for a while now, not to be confused with the finishing powder (which loads of people don't like).

  3. I've used the liquid version of Photoready and I love it! I am actually looking forward to try this on my own :)

  4. I'm also a fan of the Photoready liquid; I'll definitely try the compact out--would be nice to have something in my purse for touch-ups! :-)

  5. I just saw this new Photoready foundation. Think I will be going back to get it :)

  6. The earrings look cute, especially the owl ones. Not sure I'd wear them though lol.

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  8. Can't wait to try it! What drugstore did you find this at?

    Thank you

  9. It's from my grocery store (state-exclusive) but I have seen it in CVS already.


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