Monday, October 04, 2010

NYC Lippin' Large Lip Plumper (from the Berry Bloom Collection)

I have tried several NYC glosses in the past, some (Lip Slider) has nice balmy texture with decent pigmentation while other are pathetically sheer and impart minimal shine (the Kiss gloss). I was a bit hesitant when I picked up this gloss from the Berry Bloom Collection but you know, I am just a sucker for limited edition drugstore glosses(they are always cheap, and most of them work pretty darn well), not to mention anything wine is so hot this season.
NYC Lippin Large Lip Plumper in Mulberry is a sheer wine gloss that is supposed to have a plumping effect. The gloss comes with a soft squeegee tube (and the words on it gets scratches easily) and ample amount of product. One of the main reason I was interested in this shade is the deep wine color shown on the tube but it becomes significantly more sheer once it's applied on the lips (well, what do I expect, it's a drugstore gloss after all).

The light red color of NYC Lippin Large Lip Plumper gives a slightly flushed look (it would take quite a bit of product to make it actually look remotly like mulberry) that's quite difficult to go wrong and at the same time, nothing all that exciting. As of the plumping effect, I guess there were a tad bit of a tingly sensation (more like a light sting to which I built a tolerance after 1 or 2 applications) and some plumping going on here or there but frankly...many other of my glosses also does the same thing.

Overall: For a sheer red gloss (you know that I have a lot of them ) this is really nothing that special...Well, maybe beside that nasty medine-like taste.

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