Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Maybelline Limited Edtion Eye Studio Eyeshadow Duo Dazzling Sequins Collection

It seems that Maybelline is releasing limited edtion every month...but anyway, I am fine with it (as each limited edition display comes with a little booklet of coupons that I can save for later).
Three new shades of the Maybelline Eye Studio Baked eyeshadow duo (on the top) and they managed to used existing products from the permanent display to fill up the whole "collection".
Dazzling Sequinz Collection for their Lash Stiletto mascara - I am guessing it's just glittery/shimmery mascara. Enough for Maybelline, let's head to other brands:
A wine/red collection from Sally Hansen Complete Salon nail color New (?) shades for L'Oreal Infallible Color Star Collection. Now last but now least...The summer collection from Milani - Sea Color , has finally arrived in my local grocery store...Well I guess blue and orange would look very refreshing for the fall(since everybody else is doing berry)?


  1. Haha that's hysterical that it just came in! Why even bother?

    I like the looks of the Maybelline stuff.


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