Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder G

For an extremely lazy person, loose powder seems to be a tedious and unnecessary step in a makeup routine but sometime, a bit of a finishing touch can make a lovely different that a lazy girl can't even ignore.
Anna Sui Loose Powder Compact G was released (and later added to their permanent base makeup range) back in spring 2009. It comes with SPF 12/ PA++ and in two shades: nude and white (more like transparent). The compact comes with a big box in which the case and the refill are housed in different compartments. All you need to do is take the refill, stick (it has double sided tape at the bottom) it to the case and peel off the seal to use it.

Unlike most loose powder I have tried(the only thing stopping the powder from going off is a sift and the puff, which has a potential of spilling everywhere) , Anna Sui Loose Powder Compact G has a really cleaver design: The powder is covered by a rubber membrane with many slits, spilling is minimized as long as the puff is placed on top of the refill.

Thanks to the design, it's a lot more time-consuming than other loose powder as it only takes a bit of pressure to release the product, (I usually prefer using a fluffy brush over the provided puff) . You won't get that much powder on your brush but you wouldn't need much due to the shimmery nature it has.
Now to the product itself: Anna Sui Loose Powder G has a very fine texture, a rose scent (which bugs me a bit in its powder form) and extremely fine multi-colored shimmer. I don't know how Japanese brands manage it, but whenever they do shimmer, you get a nice glow/a soft sheen while shimmery western brands are more likely to give you a velvety finish(not that it's bad but it's not usually flattering on Asian feature) or... frost.

Anyway, I do think the iridescent powder (I have shade 001...I think) could work pretty well setting foundation/cream blush, adding a fresh glow and giving a see-trough texture to the skin or as an hard-to-go-wrong highlighter.

Verdict: Nah...I don't like it ( I am serious). Despite the nice finish, texture and the fact that this is a lot more user-friendly than other loose powder out there, it's still too much work for me and did I mention that the bulky and cheap-looking lilac packaging took all the glamour/fun out?


  1. I'm sorry you didn't like it. The packaging looks tacky and that's a shame as Anna Sui products are usually very pretty.

  2. I've got that product too ,and is amazing!

  3. Hey Ive got it and loved it but now I need more, any ideas where to get it?? SOS??

    1. yesstyle and evecare are the two sites I know that carry extensive range of Anna Sui cosmetics, I haven't shopped from the former and don't really love the later.


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