Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Color Icon Eyeliner

New limited edition eye products from Wet n Wild, the pictures were taken on two different days (the first time the sale girl was just following me around as if I am a shoplifter when I try to snap the pictures)
Wet n Wild Limited Edition Color Icon Eyeliner for 99 cents a piece. I have tried Wet n Wild eyeliner pencils before they are simply too sheer to even go on my eyelid.
There is also a line of Wet n Wild duo-end eyeliner/eye color collection called high-voltage. Nothing too exciting since I am more of a lip gloss addict...


  1. wow, those liners are exciting! I love colored liners and I've been using them regularly ! I hope we can find them down here, we do have Wet n' Wild products available locally!!!! :)

  2. I actually bought Amethyst eyeliner, and its a pretty color, a nice dark purple; not a loud purple like urban decays. Granted the staying power is so-so, but since I use an eyeshadow primer it atleast lasts on me for 4-6hrs above the upper lashline, on my lower lashline line with a primer about 3-4 hours tops.


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