Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pin it up! (I mean the hair)

I reckon I had posted quite a few lip-products reviews, (and it's getting a bit tedious and boring writing the same type of reviews a few days straight), I would just put something else here just for a little change and a little refreshment: Some hairpins given to me by a friend, two of them are actually vintage!
First there is a gold plated tiny ornamental one pin with a little colored glass bead.
A bigger, silver colored (I think this is silver-plated brass) hairpin with floral design.The detail and the silver color actually work pretty well with dark hair.
Lastly, here is a tough (it can hold my hair quite securely just by itself) one made of Vietnamese ox horn.

Anyway, I hope some of you find the short post interesting, reviews (of mainly lip products) will resume shortly :)


  1. those are really cute but it took me quite some time to think how to use them! hehehehe :)

  2. Love the floral one, it's so cute! Too bad that I never have long enough hair to use this type of pins, haha^0^

  3. Those are really cute, especially the floral one.

  4. I really love love love the last one. Do you know where I can find one? :D

  5. Chrissie:
    I am sorry but since I received it as a gift I don't know where to buy the exact one. But as a store I reviewed earlier Kimson handicraft, also carries hairpin in similar styles.


    here is my review for the combs (provided by the store's owner)

    I personally haven't shopped there (and I usually don't buy horn combs online, just FYI) so I don't know what is their shipping or customer services is really like. But anyway, you can do some Google shopping search and you may be able to find something.

  6. I love these "other stuff" posts. Lovely pins especially the last one very interesting.


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