Thursday, September 16, 2010

L'Oreal Midnight Muse and Color of Hope

It seems that wine and berry are still popular this year, as the color is spotted in quite a few makeup collections already!
The L'Oreal Midnight Muse collection, with eyeliner pencils, HIP eyeshadow duos in the first display, on which Beyonce is the poster girl.
In the second display, there are color riche lipsticks and nail polishes, mainly features shades of wine with a warm touch of burgundy and brown.
The Color of Hope (It seems that L'Oreal has a collection called Color of Hope every season) collection is mainly focused on taupe and greige.


  1. Got to check out the hip shadow duos, I have heard a lot about it.
    Thanks for the post, girl!^0^

  2. greige is such an on-trend color! tried it only once on my nails but it looks great anyway!


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