Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes, I want to be an actress...

Just because their costumes are so pretty!
Empress Regnant Wu Zetian played by Liu Xiaoqing - One of the classics in all those Chinese dramas. (From what I remember when I watched it in first grade) On her way to power, she kind of killed people off like Voldemort except she is probably 100x more evil than Tom Riddle. (Voldemort killed his birth father, Wu Zetian killed her baby girl to blackmail the then-queen)...The style of her costume is very typical (from what I have seen on TV of clothes from Tang Dynasty (although Empress Wu did named her own Dynasty as Zhou) with drape dress with many layers.
Jing Tian in a pre-Tang songstress dress, I am too lazy to check.
Angie Chiu - My idol when I was in kindergarten before I got into Sailor Moon. She is fifty something now but she still kept her beauty well (She still looks dashing).Han Xue in a comedy called The Blind Detective (the English title is alright but the Chinese title is called Blind Detective, Gold Fish and Flying Pig... What ...) I am not sure about the era because they didn't mention it on the Baidu page.

Now let's skip a thousand years and jump to Qing Dynasty, where women no longers have that many drappy layers (which I like).
Xu Qing in Legend of Great Qing Empire - I haven't watched this one (and don't plan to)but I like the accessories (more gems and less metal).
Li Xiaolu - Spoke model for H2O+ in Chinese speaking areas in East Asia (Ok, it's just Taiwan and Mainland China) The dress looks late-Qing (early 1900s) to me, which is an era I like very much.


  1. Wow, that last actress is so striking! Her features are almost alien-esque but in a very beautiful way. I love her face.

  2. i actually quite enjoyed learning canadian history. i live in toronto and am taking the american history course next year :)
    p.s the costumes are AMAZING

  3. Amy:
    I am glad you like them :)

    Yeah, I thought the last actress has a unique look too...I personally like more mainstream-looking face though...

    I took Canadian history back in 10th grade and our teacher made it quite fun...but as for US, there is just so many trivial details to memorize within this short period of time which I am not a big fan of.

  4. what are some of your favorite chinese dramas? im looking to start some!

  5. Amie:
    I actually don't watch that much new drama in madarin (they are just not as good as the ones back in mid-90s) but as for the ones in Cantonese, I like many shows by TVB: Beyond the Realm of Conscience(宮心計), Gem of life(珠光寶氣), Rosy Business(巾幗梟雄) are some of the recents ones I went through, all of them have interesting plots. Beside the ancient costume shows,there are some detectives shows I like very much as I grew up,like Forensic heroes and the Detective Investigation Files series...but those are pretty old.

    As for the ones in Madarin, Rouge Snow was quite interesting(and I don't think I remember anything else I really liked).

  6. The first image is beautiful and colorful.


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