Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ULTA Eyeshadow Swatch : Blue, Black and Purple

Long time no eyeshadow here in Citrine's Blog and to freshen things up a bit, here are some swatches for you: Ulta eyeshadow singles in shades of blue, black and purple.Out of the few shades I have tried in Ulta, the blue eyeshadow are surprisingly smooth, silky and fine in texture (I am saying that because even my used-to-be-favorite eyeshadow brand Stila would makes some light blue that are chalky in texture) ,maybe they are not as nice as Nars, but come on, it's 7 bucks a piece at the most and Ulta always has it on sale.
The purples shades are not as exciting (some of them are already dried out and I ran out of fingers to swatch them at the time) but I could see bloom in a nice, romantic makeup look.
The shades in black/silver/white are not that bad either (not that there is anything special about those). I would say with a good base and decent skill, these eyeshadow should work wonderfully if you need the same color with different intensity/finish because they come in such a big variety.


  1. great Swatches. I like rock star very nice.

  2. I never enjoyed single eye shadows. I think I built up a bad habit using Lunasol, Dior and bands like that who comes out with quads, haha, I just think they are so much easier to carry with. Anyway, I like the mosaic color a lot, really clear and pretty blue. Is there an eye shadow names “???” haha!^0^

  3. I remember those days when I was browsing through the ULTA website for these e/s! They are so pretty, thanks to my friends in the US I was able to try them. I haven't been thinking about them now coz I have enough eyeshadows :D Thanks for the swatches


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