Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Milani DIY Runway Nails, Flash and Liquid Metal Nail Color Collections

It seems that Milani is releasing a lot of new product for this season. The Nail Art Trend is actually just a poster display with existing products, I like the how the model looks though.
Limited edition DIY runway nail, I think these nail art pencils are all from the permanent display but you get a little pack of rhinestone as bonus in this collection.Nail Flash with red, burgundy and burnt orange...looks very aged to me...
Another set of Milani Liquid Metal collection (I think the one the released a few months ago is far more interesting as there is nothing metallic-looking about many of these shades).

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  1. Wow those displays are awesome! I will be trying some of those designs. You should also try the brand Superstar Nail Lacquer. They have amazing colors! www.superstarnaillacquer.com


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