Sunday, July 11, 2010

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss, Lipstick and Visible Lift Foundation

Finally something is out in my local ULTA, this time it's all about L'Oreal !
Limited edition Infallible Glosses, featuring nude, peachy and golden brown kind of warm shades (which all look very good with Eva Longoria's smokey eyes). Half of the display is already gone by the time I took the picture.
There is also a new packaging for their Visible Lift foundation, featuring " 5 age-reversing ingredients" Yeah, like I am going to take that seriously. Anyway, I have tried the foundation tester at the back of my hand, it's smooth enough that it doesn't get cakey, but there is a slip feel to it that's very typical of foundation rich in dimenticone (not a fan of this stuff nor the texture it gives...too yucky.)
Some L'Oreal Infallible Star Power lipsticks. I wonder does anybody actually buy these named-after-star-lipsticks ? Sure these ladies are all good-looking and are accomplished at their fields...But if you think about it, none of them has a strong or distinctive makeup (especially lip color) style so you can pretty much get the same color with any brand of lipstick...

Even if you love the exact shade on the poster, don't forget there is always photoshop...


  1. Oooh I need to go check if those L'oreal lipglosses are at my local stores. I really like the formula but they have such limited colors. it's about time they came out with new ones, but they look kind of pale...can't win...

  2. K.Lo:
    I guess they might release something deeper (like plummy shades?) for the fall/winter collections since they had some rosy shades out for the spring...

  3. I missed your drugstore spy cam pics!! Thanks for posting these!

  4. Hi citrine,

    could you tell me what shade eva is wearing in that ad?


  5. It looks like camelia (followed by the number), since it was a limited edtion more than half a year ago, I supposed the shade is long gone.


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