Friday, July 02, 2010

Anna Sui Sui Lip Gloss in Light Pink

Anna Sui Sui Lip Gloss in 308 is a milky and watery light pink gloss with no shimmer. The texture of this particular shade is just like the other Anna Sui gloss I have reviewed, it's light, non-sticky and gel-like.Like most Anna Sui cosmetics, this gloss has that typical Anna Sui rose scent, which is noticeable but not overly strong (at least for me).Like most Japanese gloss in light colors, Anna Sui 308 is not completely opaque that it covers all all the lip color. Instead, it's leaves a bit what you already have to show through and settle downs to a watery finish so it appears to be more wearable.

Overall- Anna Sui 308 is a pretty nice nude pink gloss that would look great with a gray smokey eyes. I personally still prefer the red-cherry toned one though.

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