Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Powder Blush

Picked up during the CVS clearance sale (along with a dollar off coupon, which made this babe 25 cents), NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Powder Blush is a multi-colored face color/blush.The NYC's brand slogan is "You are beautiful and smart, why paying more?", each of their products is supposed to be a cheap alternative for some high end cult favorite. For this Mosaic Face Color , it's not hard to tell they are knocking off Guerlain's pressed meteorite.Anyway, the bronze-brown-apricot creates a soft, nude peachy blush on the face (what I call a baby blush). The color is quite nice and doesn't look muddy if applied with the right fluffy blush but the texture is on the chalky side so that it requires a brush that applies very light and even wash of color.

Overall: Not bad for 25 cents. I will still use Nars though, because I have it...


  1. wow..It does remind me of a couple of makeup brands doing the similar concept! Never tried NYC :)

  2. I have a coupon too expires tomorrow I may have to see what I find.

  3. That looks nice! And what a fantastic deal!

  4. oh my gosh, $1.25 is relaly not bad. i had to pay 1.49 LOL but mine is the pink one, not this color. actually, at the sale in my area, they didnt even have this color!! maybe ill post mine up soon! Love this review!! =))

  5. Nikki:
    You are not missing anything anyway, I mean it's a neat brand for the price but nothing terribly good that you have to get your hands on it.

    Hell Notes for Beauty:
    Let's hope you have gotten something nice!

    Yeah, you can't say no to 25-cent blush.

    I guess it depends on areas, pink is always easier to work with that brownish peach though...


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