Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Minnie Mouse Bow - Would you go for it?

After the Japanese hair style odango (meatball bun on the top of the head) made a successful landing in the western hemisphere and gradually took over the fashion world, it seems that there is another budding(more like thriving) trend going on in Japanese fashion circle: The Minnie Mouse Bow...Angelababy (and another chick I don't recognize on the left, sorry girl!) for a clothing campaign. Angelababy is cute as usual but I think...she would be cuter when she takes it easy with the (hair, *cough cough* ) accessory. Hasegawa Jun, one of the three spoke models for Shiseido ZA, for a spread about Coach bags. The leopard print goes well with her skin and hair color but is it just me or...

Her hair band is kind of big? (I know magazine always do daring looking but Japanese magazines, different from western magazines, are known for their "layered. complicated but wearable" styles...)A July the 4th manicure and the model (who is clearly over 12 years old) is spotting a plush bow...Fujii Lena and friend (see, the Rinka cut is still hot this season! I wonder how long would it takes it get popular in US, or it already it? ) with supposedly wearable bows...

Street-style Minnie Mice...
Two styles in one head: odango (which I personally don't mind but am too lazy to wear it myself) and the bow. Frankly I think she kind of over killed it with the huge earrings...See, a big, messy-looking bun looks pretty by itself already, no need for bow! Speaking of plain odango...Korean classical violinist Kyung Wha Chung (my current girl crush) already rocked the style 20-30 years ago! And look at that violinist dude (dazed by her beauty, maybe?) at the back lol.She was also rocking that bell shaped hair!Look with more angles... Love her taste in dresses as well!
Anyway, Vanessa Hudgens's bun looks a bit bland as it's too sleek (I think most American version of odango are like this, which I personally don't like that much), I guess she could use a floral hair clip...

While I am not certain if I can take big bows on my hair...I don't mind huge flowers though...Kishimodo Cecil looks pretty cute with these hair clip...

Enough rambling, what about you guys? Would you ever go for the Minnie Mouse bow? (My answer: I think I am too old to take it...a smaller one on the side, like those Blair headbands is OK though...not that I am in a hurry to try it.)


  1. No, I wouldn't ever!! one should have doll like face for that!! isn't it!?!?

  2. Haha, I have an obsession with bows so I would! Some of those are unnecessarily big though...

    I love the odango bun too, but my hair right now is too short for that... It's kind of like Rinka cut

  3. NO NO and NO. Tiny little adornments are enough. Other than that it takes attention away from the person. It's very tacky looking when people wear such big bows (or whatever else they're selling these days) or too many things in their hair. It just looks like candy wrappers got stuck in their hair.

  4. The Odango bun is not for me. I don't have enough hair to even put that much on top and if I did I'd feel everybody was looking at the top of my hair. Kind of like when you have your zipper down and everybody is looking at your crotch.

    As for the bow, a small sized one is okay but one that reaches each ear, that would be odd on me.

    I like that last picture of the flowers in her hair. I'd wear that if it was half that size.

  5. Haha Citrine I looove these little articles you put together... but honestly, I wouldn't. I live in a predominately hispanic neighborhood and go to school in a predominately asian community and a lot of girls wear headbows and stuff... and I don't care for the look.

  6. shoppingaholic:
    Well, Cutie pie is everywhere, you know... *rolls eyes*

    Shiro-san: Actually you can probably have that kind of bun (most Japanese ones are hollow anyway), it just requires a lot of teasing and bobby pins...

    Anon no.1:
    I think it depends on the outfits, the Japanese street style is usually layered and if they have a whole ensemble on their body, a bland hair might make the whole look out of balance...I am just guessing...

    Anon. no.2:
    I would wear the flower if it were a bit smaller too.

    I think it's a tad bit too much and too cute for American to handle.

  7. No, I won't be able to wear this, it'll look weird down here! although these ladies look gorgeous on photos !!! it just won't work for me :D

  8. Nikki:
    I think I probably wouldn't work for that many people outside Japan...

  9. Minnie's pink ribbon are one of her assets, that's why most girls adore her and as a fashion trends many girls also choose to wear those big ribbons. I love to wear that, but it's just don't fit me.

  10. I thought I was the only one who found summer 2010 bows too much! No I would never wear them, Japan or otherwise. They're just too kiddy. My biggest hair bow is like 3cm across, lol. I can do a big and fluffy odango, but it feels strange cause nobody in London does it. Plus it makes me feel like a 7 year old =_=


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