Saturday, June 26, 2010

MAC Lipglass in Perennial High Style

Another (super) belated review for a limited edtion MAC product, of course I got it just for the heck of the packaging.MAC lipglass in Perennial High Style is a creamy, shimmer-free coral lip gloss that leans towards the pink side. The pigmentation of the gloss is decent (similar to Revlon gloss but with a thicker consistency which takes a little while to settle down to appear more natural) and the gloss comes with a soft vanilla scent like most MAC lip products. Perennial High Style is a pink/peach that's lighter than my natural lip color (I define it as a nude lip gloss), I don't come across nude lip gloss that doesn't wash me out very often so this turns out to be a pleasant find.

Overall: It's nice but I still prefer something deeper/brighter.


  1. I think this looks like a really lovely daytime gloss!


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