Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Loew Cornell Painting Brushes (for Makeup!) - A Quick Review

I have heard a lot of people talking about these brushes over Youtube so when I saw them in that craft store Micheal's (back to parent's house and I am no longer live closed to that stock-everything-first grocery store...Boo...) I got a bit excited and played with them for a while.
There weren't many Loew Cornell brushes available at the time of visit so my review would be fairly brief. First, these brushes feel very solid and nicely made with no flimsy-looking or light handles, the two brushes I picked up and play with (running them through my face and yeah, wash your paint brushes when you get them == ) are dome round brush (for eyeshadow blending) and Maxine's Mop(blush or bronzer). As for the hair, these are relatively soft, a lot better than the CVS Essenes of Beauty ones but a tad scratchy, maybe scratchy isn't the right word, stiff is (only a tiny tiny bit, I would say) compared to Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes. Of course it's nowhere near the quality of my beloved Stila, but heck, those are like 20-50bucks a piece!

The best part about these Loew Cornell brushes is of course, the price. If I remember it correctly, those natural haired brushes are around 8 (smaller one) to 12 (mop brush) dollars a piece and if you just do some simple Google, you will be able to find 40% off coupon on any single item of your choice and you can only use one coupon per day. ( But you know what friends are for,right?)


  1. I use some of the Loew Cornell for eye makeup. I like them and I don't feel bad when I chuck them out a few times a year because they are so cheap.

    I have a nifty little trick for using two coupons ;) My service dog is trained to shop & complete cash transactions without my assistance. The store managers think it's awesome, so we get away with it.

    My dog wears nail polish & glitter, so it's a justified purchase. LOL

    ~ Hoyden

  2. You are so right, some of the loew cornell are mac dupes, specifically the maxine mop brushes, I use those all the time.

  3. Hoyden:
    Lol, how sweet!My trick is going there every single day or once in the morning once later in the day when there is a new cashier = = ....

    It's nice to hear from someone who own/use those!

  4. LOL about using those Michael's coupons. You girls are sneaky. (Thanks for the tips, lol).

    I really do like those Maxine's Mop brushes as well. My only problem is the low stock on hand at my local store. :(

  5. K.Lo:
    My local Micheal's doesn't have that much variety either, I think I have only seen 4 different types over there.


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