Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fuchsia Face-Off : Lancome and YSL

Since I bought the YSL rouge volupte in No.10 provocative pink to see how does it compare to my beloved (but discontinued) Lancome Satin fuchsia, I reckon it would make reviewing the lipstick easier if I put them side by side and do a quick comparison.

First there are several external factors:Packaging
For YSL rouge volupte, the tube feels very substantial/heavy, I would think its weight is 150% that of the lancome. The decorative band gives a pretty decent representation of the actual color of the lipstick which means you can buy several of them without mixing the color up. The lid, which has a inner plastic layer, somewhat holds the lipstick well so it doesn't come off easily. At the top of the lid, there is also a well made (to see how well made a mirror is, just look at how smooth the edge and how tough the surface is) mirror, in a size that's between a dime and a quarter.

Lancome Le Rouge Absolu comes with a golden tube with blue coffin shaped metal lid, the closure is normal (there is no magnet or suction involved) but the lid doesn't come off easily. The tube is reflective enough for imaging but probably not as handy as an actual mirror due to the color. On the bright side, it doesn't collect finger print like Department of Homeland Security.

Size Both of them are around 4g.

Price YSL costs 34 dollars regularly (but I have seen people buying other shades from those private sale websites and a random nude shade on eBay for 14 dollars) while Lancome Le Rouge Absolu is 26 dollars. Anyway, Satin fuchsia was discontinued last year though.Scent YSL has a creamy, fruity sorbet kind of scent while Lancome smells like grandma (a powdery, flowery artificial smell.)

Color- YSL le rouge volupte #10 is a deep rose while Lancome satin fuchsia is a bright fuchsia that's more blue and a tad lighter than YSL.

Texture- YSL is extremely creamy and soft so I need to be very careful not applying too much while Lancome has a melt-upon-pressing kind of texture that glides nicely without leaving a lot of product.

Finish- Both of them are matte with a very soft focused shine. YSL is so bold that I only dare to wear it as a stain. But Lancome looks good with various intensity.

Conclusion - Lancome is still my favorite fuchsia, although I do love the YSL packaging.Quick lip combo- Lancome Le Rouge Absolu Satin Fuchsia with Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Power Walk Pink


  1. Woah that is a bright dose of fuschia on your lips! Very gorgeous~ I cannot wear such shades, I look ridiculous... :(

  2. Gorgeous lip color!I like the lancome one better also, I think it's more wearable. Haha, I really like that cartoon on the right side ^0^!

  3. You wear Fuschia pretty well, I don't think I can!

  4. Wow, that's a bright fuchsia! I prefer the Lancome one, it looks easier to pull off.

  5. Fuz:
    You can always wash it down with some glosses!

    Too bad Lancome has already sacked the color...I guess I am still on the hunt for the perfect and readily available fuchsia.

    There is always a way to work it!Now I am trying very hard to pull off blue eyeshadow.

    Everybody loves auntie Lancome :)

    Hell Notes for Beauty:

  6. Great blog! Amazing lips! Love YSL.

  7. hahahah thats so funny1 my blog name is AMBERcitrine

    you should check it out its

  8. Caranya:
    Thanks :)
    I don't love love YSL but their fall Rock & Baroque collection looks quite interesting...

    Amber Citrine:
    Ok, I will go take a look...I actually picked this screen name in a forum for no particular reason (I don't even like this type of gem) then I ended up talking too much and everybody called me by that so I am just sticking with it...

  9. hi citrine i just stumbled on your blog while searching for info for ysl lipsticks in a fuchsia color! just wanted to say that u have a lovely blog and this is a great review! =)


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