Saturday, June 12, 2010

Earrings Window Shopping

During summer I tend to ditch makeup all together because the sweat would pretty much melt everything (or just I am getting lazy when it's hot = = ) . Instead, I like to wear some accessories since they go well with hair that's pulled back (have to do that, my black hair is absorbing too much heat).

Anyway, here are some spy cam pictures I took a while ago.Betsey Johnson costume earring. I usually love these ornate earrings and they are not that expensive (at Nordstrom Racks) The big ones should go well with a little black dress.Probably good for punk/rock girls?Here are some colorful ones, I like the second pair from the bottom row, should look pretty nice with a flowing red sun dress.


  1. wow..those are gorgeous, too bad those types of earrings won't look good on me, or I'm just not used to it :D

  2. I can't even imagine wearing earrings that big! I do have some Betsey earrings that are little spiders though, they're adorable.

  3. I always looove Betsey Johnson's jewelry! They're always so cute~

  4. I love Betsey Johnson earrings but some are soo ridiculous

  5. Those earrings are so pretty!

  6. Nikki:You can always wear your hair up to match them!

    Heather:I like the little ones they have as well, I once saw a pair of grayish ducks, they were pretty cute.

    Cacau: Yup, they are pretty eye-catching.

    I like their little charmed bracelet/cuff and necklace the best!

    Betsey Johnson's looks pretty wild herself...I like some of her bold color/design combo though.Kind of reminds me of a wild version of Anna Sui.

    They are so much easier to wear during summer and they give similar effect as makeup IMO.


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