Monday, May 03, 2010

Spring is here, Haul-lelujah !

Oh, I actually bought these long time ago...
I guess you all like to look at a bunch of lipsticks/lip glossed piled together?


  1. hahahaa, yes I do indeed like to look at photos of a bunch of lippies! Especially ones on a rock!!

  2. that's a very creative shot, I have never tried taking shots outdoor as I usually do product shots night time :)

  3. Haha, it feels good to look at some many of them together, but I guess it's hard to choose which one to use first~ I really want to know what colors are they. Looking forward to your swatches!^0^

  4. hahaha yes we do like to look at photos of lipsticks and lip glosses piled together :p

  5. If that's Coral Reef I see on the bottom row I hope there will be a review soon. :D

  6. I love the picture of the lip products! Can't wait for your swatches and reviews.

  7. You make me want to reach throught the screen and swipe them all. You tease :} Btw, cute photobommbing bunny.

  8. Fuz:
    Haha, so I guess bringing a bunch of makeup to the front of our geology building is totally worth it...

    The down side is that some cheap lipstick would melt in those hot have every reason to do things like that at home.

    For the ones you can't see, they are mostly shimmery coral lipstick and they all kind of looked identical when I swatched them. O_o.

    We all loved to peak into other people's stash...

    Yup,if you want a quicky one, it's slightly creamy (more orange than pink) coral with medium pigmentation. The gloss itself is non-sticky and doesn't taste that bad. I like it better than the Mac one in the picture. Overall the three shades of revlon in the picture are all worth getting (when around 3-4 bucks).

    They are coming.

    The bunny was from clearance candy (the one that look like a push-up deodorant), I wanted to includ it in the shot but I ate them way before I thought about taking a haul picture.

    Hell Notes for Beauty:
    I have two more pencil decoration caps like that (I think that's what they are called?), gotta love those freebies from candies...


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