Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sally Hansen Ultra HD, Complete Salon Manicure and Continuous Treatment

The Ultra HD nail color display might look pretty similar to the exsiting line but it turns out that many of them are duo-chrome and/or sparkly.
The new complete Salon Manicure (not really new since many bloggers have written about it) contains several interesting metallic shades, like the teal, blue and silvery baby blue(called silver lining) and that clear duo-chrome flakie at far right, called hidden treature...
There is also a new line of nail treatment, I never butchered my nail so it's (another) safe skip for me.


  1. lol, i was interested in a purdy blue-purple duochrome til i saw it was about ten bucks (rounded up from 7 plus tax)

  2. Amy:
    Sally Hansen is so expensive nowadays...(I haven't bought many drugstore nail polishes because China Glaze/OPI ended up being cheaper.)

  3. is it bad that I want ALL COLORS? I want more more more :D

  4. Those colors are so pretty, I'd love to try them all!


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