Monday, May 24, 2010

NYC Lip Slider Lip Gloss Sugar Baby

Third one in the installment. NYC Lip Slider Lip Gloss is a sheer (but the color still shows) red glossy balm.Like the other lip sliders I have tried, this also has a very shiny finish.


  1. It looks a lot lighter on your lips than the actual color in the pan. Very cute! Oh, don't forget the do the tag on my blogs, thanks a lot! I'd really want to read yours!^0^

  2. Crystal:
    I am getting right to it (it takes some time to gather up all the picture with my slow internet).

  3. love the sliding pans, especially Skinfood's lip & cheek! Does the gloss wear off very quickly? I've never used NYC products before :) thanks!

  4. Petrina:
    The staying power is rather nice (I mentioned it in my first review I did back in last year so I didn't bother to go as deep this time), I would say without eating/drinking, the gloss stays on for at least an hour or two.


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