Sunday, May 16, 2010

NYC Blushable Creme Stick from Shock Value Collection

NYC Blushable Creme Stick is a new release for spring 2010, I was quite interested in the concept (who doesn't like shimmer-less cream blush, especially it's only 3 bucks?) of these blush sticks but didn't pick them up until I saw two (somewhat) bold limited edition colors.Anyway, these NYC cream blush stick or blushable creme sticks, whichever name you prefer, are humongous, containing 8grams of product per tube (Stila Convertible colors are 4g a piece and it takes forever to finish one up). The cream blush is packaged like a lip balm where you screw the bottom to raise the stick up.The consistency of the NYC cream blush is relatively dry (compared to Stila convertible color, Tarte cheek stain and Sally Hansen cream blush) but it glides nicely on the skin and gives no problems when it comes to spreading the product. The blush is pigmented (enough for 3 dollar) and one swipe with a length of 10cm (that's a lot compared to Stila) on each cheek is sufficient to create that natural flush.

The two colors I picked up are Wild Berry - a mauve medium berry pink (and of course it has to turn fuchsia on me) and Pink Flash - more like a salmon coral type of color, which is very popular this spring/summer. Both of the shades create a natural look on the face, Wild Berry is slightly more flattering on me when I just started to blend these out. Reads: after I blended them, one shade on each cheek, they are practically identical. Boo!Beside the sheer overall effect (I don't like to layer on blush as I am afraid that it will turn my face into a monkey buttock) another thing I don't like about these is the took 2-3hours for these blush to completely disappear on me (lotion + blush or just blush on bare skin). If it actually requires a stick base and a powder blush on top to seal the color, why don't I just go for other more expensive brands like Anna Sui/Stila/Nars, which will stay for a few hours by themselves?

Overall: Pretty color, neat products, very affordable. You probably wouldn't like it if you have tried other high end cream/power blush. They are still nice toys though.


  1. these look like those I've used way back when I was younger :)

  2. I stumbled upon this blog of yours and it makes me happy. You're hilarious...

    & Thanks for the review! I saw these and kinda sorta wanted to pick one up, but blush without staying power is very... annoying... It's a shame too, bc these two colors look very pretty and fresh for summertime.

  3. I want to try these I have been reading so much about them. I like the colors you picked up. For 3 bucks I guess they wont hurt to try.

  4. Nikki:
    One of my first glosses is from nyc(it was disgusting though).

    Oh,I am glad you like it (many people get turned of by my bad writing/blunt tone).These colors are perfect for warmer seasons but the staying power isn't...

    Hell Note from Beauty:
    It's actually 2 bucks a piece if you spot the coupon attached to the display.

  5. nice swatches and reviews. unfortunantly these arnt available in the UK, which is really gutted about. I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing a swap since i really want this product in a few colors?

  6. 8grams? You've gotta be kidding me. I've complained about not getting enough product,but now there's too much! lol!

  7. lol just found one of these in a nude shade


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