Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mac Creme Sheen Lipstick in Ever Hip Liberty of London Collection

While everybody else is talking about To the Beach I am still on Liberty of London...Well, I like to take my time when it comes to reviews...
Let's head straight to topic: Mac Creme Sheen lipstick in Ever Hip (from the Liberty of London collection, which I checked out on the first day it was released). I only have one MAC lipstick before this purchase so I can't do any intra-brand comparison.

Ever Hip is a medium coral (ever I say it's medium, it around a shade or two lighter than my own lip color so I would call it a "nude") that's very soft, youthful and spring-appropriate. I like the shade quite a bit as it's one of the warmer/lighter lipsticks that actually flatters my skin tone.Just like what Rocketqueen's said in her mac lipstick formulation post), the creme sheen finish is more like a shinier, more watery-looking version of the Amplified lipstick: the formula is moisturizing (I am not sure about this part as it's not that "wet" in my opinion, compared to Japanese lipsticks.) without being thick on the lips and the pigmentation is fairly good decent once you add 2-3 layers on.

Overall: A quality product for the price. Love the packaging!


  1. I wish I had bought it, it's a nice, simple color

  2. Sadly, I've yet to own a MAC lipstick... I'm really loving the looks of this one though... ahh, to buy or not to buy?

  3. Kelsey:
    It's ok, mac releases like 64920 different limited editions each year anyway, you are bound to find some coral in cremesheen finish...

    I would say to wait a bit, LE usually end up in those outlet after a few months...especially this collection isn't all that popular (for what I am aware of).

  4. Hi! I have to say that "Ever Hip" is the most beautiful lipstick for you ever! Best swatch you posted here...It made your skin look so delicate. (made me forget about that ugly bird on the packaging)

  5. It looks great! A lovely natural color~

  6. I wanted that color when the collection just came out, but I tried it on instore with a lip liner, it looked scary, but it looks really good on you!^0^
    BTW, I just taged you in my recent post, if you can, please pass the game on! Thanks^0^

  7. Sup Citrine, remember me? =D
    I guess you finally took my advice and bought Ever-Hip! It's a gorgeous color even on pigmented lips. I even went and bought a backup...*flails*

  8. Cacau:
    Is it THAT good? Thanks anyway, I love anything with an animal print though, including the ugly bird...

    Yup, it's pretty cute and natural.

    I will do it, since I am lemming quite a few things!

    DP soap:
    Sure do...I actually got it the first day it was released (I have a thing that I have to check it out the first day or I wouldn't bother) it just took me forever...

    I am not sure about the need for a backup as I haven't even finish 1/8 of popster tinted lip conditioner, even I love that stuff.


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