Monday, May 10, 2010

Coral Lipsticks Side by Side (Swatch Comparison)

Since I have gotten quite a few (mostly affordable) shimmery coral lipsticks from my last haul I reckon it might be cool for me and helpful for some to look at those lipsticks and their swatches side by side.
From left to right Covergirl Coral Shine (discontinued and why?), Rimmel Coral Shimmer, Lancome Rosebud (which is not even coral or swatched just happened to be in the line up) Shiseido Maquillage PK 372 and Max Factor S3x kitten. There are a lot more on the swatch arm as you can see.

With one swipe, the three coral lipsticks from Covergirl, Rimmel and Shiseido Maquillage look quite similar (but their texture/finish are quite different on the lips)Covergirl looks the most unique in this small group as it has silver shimmer while most of the time coral is paired with gold. Max Factor S3x Kitten is more on the burnt orange/red side compared to the three lighter ones.For the shimmer-free lipsticks, MAC Ever Hip (from the Liberty of London Collection... Yeah, I am lagging on the reviews) has that typical creme sheen formula which gives of a soft shine. Max Factor Sweet Tart is considerably pinker and slightly drier-looking. NYC Pink flash (blush stick) somewhat looks like a blush version of MAC ever hip.

Last but not least, the glosses: Bobbi Brown rosy could be a twin of MAC Popster, except they have completely different finish (I prefer mac). MAC lip glass Perennial High Style has a good deal of pink (unlike all the warm/peachy coral) which makes Revlon Coral Reef a lot warmer...


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