Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Barry M lip paint in Palest Lilac

For quite a while I have been jealous of the British people because of their cool budget beauty lines such as Sleek, Collection 2000 and Barry M...Well, I am alright now and you will see why...

Barry M lip paint in Palest Lilac is an extremely creamy (not creamy as malleable, soft or smooth...more like squishy, slip and greasy) lipstick in a tiny, just a tad smaller than the standard Mac bullet, tube. The rubberized surface looks somewhat nice and decent but (just like Nars) it has a tendency to trap oil and dust.Palest Lilac is one of the more popular shades in the whole Barry M lip paint collection as it has been compared to the much-raved/discontinued MAC Lavender Whip.I don't have Lavender whip so it's hard to compare the two but anyway...Palest Lilac is a pastel lilac cream with very fine shimmer if you look closely. I have observed that many drugstore lipstick use fine silver shimmer, as a disguise, to achieve that kind of pastel look (the result would be a frosty finish and somewhat gritty texture) while high end pastel are usually shimmer free.

The shimmer in Barry M lipstick doesn't make the color look too frosty because Barry M makes it up by...putting it into an oily base...the lipstick is so squishy that it would break off from the base if I exert too much pressure not to mention I can poke a big dent on the tip when I use a lip brush instead.

Overall: Even though the color of the lipstick isn't all that bad, the texture of the lipstick is nasty (more like NAH-sty, like how British people say it) , the burnt plastic scent is just the icing on the cake.

P.S. This is the 666th post here. Barry M, you totally deserve it.


  1. NAHsty! Hahaha, I like the color tho.

  2. That's funny! Haha, I really like the color though. I am suprised you can get it, cause I don't think they sell it in the U.S.^0^

  3. Fuz:
    I think you will like the Lilac Pastelle gloss from Revlon, the color is similar but the texture and the scent are so much nicer.

    Yeah, I had to pay international shipping for this...which made it almost as expensive as mac.

  4. Hell Notes for Beauty:
    I bet mac lavender whip would be much better...


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