Wednesday, April 28, 2010

YSL Rouge Volupte Coral Comparison

Since the Sephora spring VIB sale is coming up(never mind this part, I swatched this back in early March then simply forgot about the post), here is a swatch and comparison (keep in mind they tend to appear to be bluer/brighter because of my skin tone) of some coral/peachy lipsticks, mainly from YSL.

The YSL Rouge Volupte line consists of 30 shimmer-free, creamy, high coverage shades in luxurious golden tube and come with yummy fruity scent.Peach Passion - A medium creamy peachy coral. I am not sure if you want to buy it in Sephora as I have seen this particular shade on eBay for quite a while.

Tender Peach - A soft beige-nude peachy shade. This is more neutral than Peach Passion so if you normally like nude lips, this could be a nice option.

Frozen Mango - I just love the name. It's a sheer coral with gold shimmer floating on top, it's a bit frosty for my liking but the finish is nice and thin.

Rose Paris - A bright creamy melon/coral pink.

Opera Rose - a bright blue pink with a tiny touch of mauve. Somewhat muted but still bright compared to other "wearable" lipsticks you would have.

Peach Faubourg - Peachy nude. A tad more less nude compared to tender peach and slightly less pink compared to peach passion.

Enough with YSL, let's head to other (Sephora brands) bright coral lipsticks.
Tarina Tarantino Fuchsia Lining- This is so not fuchsia. This particular shade is similar to MAC impassioned (but around 8 bucks more expensive) , just a touch deeper than YSL Rose Paris.

Cargo Organic Lipstick Ageless- Quite similar to Rose Paris.

Stila Petunia Convertible Color-I am not sure how would it work as lip color but it's(Stila Convertible color's formula) a very pretty, natural and long wearing blush.


  1. The YSL tender peach is really cute. I might go get that from sephora. I don't really like Tarina Tarantio lipglosses, cause they are so stick! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am not that much of a fan of TT at all, for people who are used to those cute Japanese brands, TT is kind of tacky-looking.


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