Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Time with Jill Stuart, Maybelline, Lancome and Bourjois

I just like looking at floral posters...
Maybelline Japan is coming up another collection called Blooming Sakura, I am not sure if I like pink glosses that are this frosty though.
Bourjois Pretty Paris -My favorite parts are her lime shadow and the wallpaper.
Jill Stuart blush for their summer collection, the content are pretty much the same as their past collections but at least the background is prettier this time.

Cute poster for Lancome's 10 year anniversary Juicy Tubes. I wish they hire someone dolly/cute for this particular collection ( I mean girls like Alina Krasina not "cutie pie" like...you know.) , the whole playful spring time theme just looks weird with her raised eyebrow and gray/silver smokey eyes...

In case you wonder why are the package design is so darn cute...These Juicy Tubes turns out to be a collaboration between Lancome and Japanese visual artist Kusama Yayoi (who does painting, sculpture urban landscape and stuff like that, according to Wikipedia ). Don't get too excited if you are in US, it seems that we are getting this instead...

No random rambling is complete without my favorite poster girl Natalia Vodianova
But...why is she looking like a coal mine worker here?


  1. Natalia played Medusa in the new Clash of the Titans movie. I guess I shouldn't say that she acted..she did performance capture for the special effects...needless to say, Medusa was hot! I thought she was supposed to be the ugliest woman ever though.

  2. Isn't Agyness Deyn is that movie too...For some random reasons I just assume it was a comedy...


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