Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sally Hansen Flamingo

Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer (now replaced by the complete Salon line) is one of the few Sally Hansen collections that I do like but it gets a bit pointless to get them as they are as expensive as China Glaze (while the colors are much less playful).Anyway, I got a bottle of the Salon Nail Color in Flamingo when I saw it in Target clearance session, for around 1.5 dollars. Flamingo is a coral-red cream. The formula is creamy, opaque and easy to work with, which is very untypically of Sally Hansen as they are normally bumpy, thin, runny...

My application was a bit hasty but it still look quite nice. Anyway, Sally Hansen has already replaced it with the (supposedly very good) Complete Salon line which is 8 dollar a piece...I just wonder why would people bother buy from "budget brands" when you can get much better deal from salon brands like OPI or China Glaze?


  1. it is very pretty!!! the way you applied it? It still looks nice! Great week ahead dear!


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