Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sally Hansen Complete Salon, Insta Dri, Xtreme Wear Nail Color New Shades

I am not sure if they are all that new as I have seen some of these in CVS quite a while ago.First here is the Complete Salon line, I remember Commander in Chic is a popular choice among bloggers.
Purple Pulse is actually a purple, not shimmery navy shown in the picture...wait, I think I missed all the new shade, I remember there is a medium navy blue teal cream that reminds me of a slightly greener version of MAC Blue India...not sure where it is.The new color added to the Insta Dri line looks very much like the old thing but if I am not mistaken, these "new " ones are all cream (not 100%) while some of the spring releases have some fine shimmer in them.
Good Old Xtreme Wear nail color (I really hate this formula) with a new lid.

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