Friday, April 09, 2010

Primping for Prom

Nope, I am not going to prom but I guess it's always fun to do a themed window shopping.
Dresses from I guess they are more of party/cocktail dresses but who said that you have to wear long, formal ones anyway? Anyway, ModCloth seems to be an Indie-Vintage oriented store with quite a few interesting pieces(I have read several reviews on their site saying that their fabrics are of very poor quality...).
Some accessories from the same website. I don't think you need expensive bling on that day anyway (I guess it's cultural difference, I never thought prom was that bit of a deal...for one thing I didn't even go to my prom. Instead, I went to a huge mall and did a mini-shopping spree with my best friend.)
From Sephora , of course girls need some goodies to stuff inside their clutches, right? Ditch lip glosses as it screams high-school-restroom (and the glare caused by glosses can look funny with flash camera). The quickest way to "grow up" would be a pretty tube of lipstick: not only it just looks glamorous when you touch up, a metal or iridescence tube also catches light/attention in a subtle way. My favorite tube would be Guerlain as the three pieces of "brick" would each reflect the light and give a soft glare...(I am just imagining in my head).

As for the solid perfume, it more for the bystander's benefits because for people like me, there are only 2 types of fragrance in the world: The one that knock me out or the one doesn't. Nothing gives me headache like a full hall of girls each with their "signature scents" splashed on their bodies. In fact, I think the reason that I am anti-hug is when I was little, my mom would shower herself with Dior Poisons/Dune then pick me up...I always ended up running away in the opposite direction to preserve my ill-fated nose.

Anyway, I think scent should be personal so keep it to yourself (and away from me).
Last but not least, you can always find uses for a little pair of tweezers (to pick up scab, nip away stray hair, use it to pick up those disinfecting alcohol pad that normally would sting if you pick them up with your hand etc.)I would get the lady bug one if it ever went on sale.

So here are some interesting finds (that I would not spend my money on. Hey, that's the whole point of window shopping.) for prom time. I personally would wear something totally different, something more comfortable, less stylist and less...American, if I were to go to a party or attend a friends/family wedding , just so you know.

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  1. Haha I didn't go to my prom, either, and I love your selections - especially the Harajuku perfume!


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