Monday, April 19, 2010

Passport to Paradise L'Oreal Summer 2010

Are you sick of all these summer limited editions post yet? Well...I am. (Normal reviews will resume in a day or two).L'Oreal Passport to paradise is a collection featuring bronze and aqua (the sand and the sky!).The sand part is rather boring as I am never a fan of subtle bronze/golden sheen. But the nail polish are quite interesting.I have not tried any nail polish from L'Oreal (I have gotten too many that I never had a chance to wear)so unless it gets really cheap, I won't give them a go.


  1. Which store did you spot these in? I went searching everywhere yesterday for the polishes, and couldn't find them anywhere.

  2. wooo I like the blue polish!

  3. The nail polish colors look nice but easily dupe-able. In my experience, L'Oreal's nail polish line isn't all that great. Now that I've used China Glaze and OPI, I can't stand to use drugstore polishes. :D Did you catch if those "Glam Bronze" things are powders or cream bronzers?

  4. I like the blue shade of 604 it's looks almost gray as well. L'oreal polishes are ok. They are not as runny as revlon's. They tend to go on creamy from what I remembered.

  5. I have owned a L'Oreal polish given to me by my Aunt in the US, it's mostly sheer and I can't tell if they have better collection now, we don't have L'Oreal polishes here and I can imagine its going to be pricey!

  6. wow the nail polishes look nice! seems like your store is always stocked first! =D

  7. The nail polishes look pretty!

  8. Jean:
    It was from a state-exclusive grocery store and I don't think we are in the same state.

    It's the same case for me as well...especially OPI and China Glaze are not all that expensive after coupons.I think those are powdered bronzer as I have seen brushes attached at the back (I think).

    Oh, it's nice to know...

    I think it's always safe to just go by salons brands. Milani LE polishes are one of the few drugstore polishes I can stand but then they are not really that exciting compared to OPI and such.


  9. Those polishes are straight up dupes of Essie North Fork collection from last year, I hope we get them in Canada, cause I will totally buy them.


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